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About Sarah’s choice 

Welcome to my website.


Hi My name is Sarah  I’m 30 years young and have 2 great kids with the love of my life and this is my website.


Sarah's choice is a personal blog about fashion , beauty and lifestyle. Where I will discuss things that keeps me and my environment  interested.

Here is will post regally Dutch sample sales invitations and my tasted of fashion and other inspirational fashion mixes.

Well as a little girl I was always impressed how my mother and aunts used natural product to remain their beauty. And in the recent years my mom went working in the (professional) Beauty Branche. So in the headline of beauty I will give you tips and tricks for ( natural ) beauty products but I will also discuss the latest beauty trends, creams ,treatments and methods used in the beauty salon. Will give you all the in’s and outs!

And this will be interesting for the professionals as well, Because I notices that even the salon owners don’t even know where to look anymore because of the fast demand. So be sure to follow me to be updated!

Sarah’s Conner :
 I have more than 10 years of experience in the Financial , sale and  Services branch. I will give you tips how to maintain an good financial position.
Full of tips and tricks for the professional and non-professional audience.

Also I will give tips and tricks of how you can start a business , make video’s with little but effective tools.  Why because I love to share my knowledge and help you grow.

Fast healthy tips for better healthy and beautiful body.

And everything else that I want to vlog or write about that doesn’t fit in the headline of beauty and fashion will be put under the headline of sarah’s conner.

Webshop :
A couple of years ago I started my own webshop, selling products that I personally use or recommend.

This year I will lounge my own products. An eye massage mask.

Not many of you know but I was addicted to colour contacts for almost 7 years! And that had an impact on my eyes. I wore them for almost 12 hours a day , sitting behind my PC  , using my Phone , watching TV and using my eyes intensely. And that had his toll.

My eyes started to burn , swollen eyes, migraine , red eyes , seeing blurry and even feeling sand dry. So I managed to stop my addiction but still had the eye irritations. So went to eye doctors and the only thing that I got in the past years was  Anesthetic drugs for my eyes but that didn’t help  and that was not a solution. So in the last 2 years I researched how I can reduce my eye problems without using any drugs. And the answer was/ is eye massage mask with heat control for better circulation. And the best part is I don’t have any eye irritations or migraines and I even still work intensively with my eyes. And as an bonus deal it gives a beauty effect! Less wrinkles ,no more swollen eyes and it’s good against dark circles under your eyes. I noticed that a lot of people now days have some if not many signs of eye irritations, This because of the work and the high social presser that we live in. And that is way I am going to langue this product this year to make it available for you or your love ones! My best  investment and tip shared with you!

I am also curious about your opinions and experiences. Every individual is different, so you’r experience is important to me! (Testing, Telling and Sharing = we all improve)  so make sure to leave a message!

Follow me on Facebook and Instagram in order to get updates and to enter the contest ! (you can find the social media icons above.)

It will also be a blog / platform where you as a reader can tell your story, discover new things and get in touch with others that have the same interest. 

I hope to inspire you and to hear from you. 





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